Sacramento Area Nudist Singles

We are NOT a front for prostitution nor a front for "pay" webcams or webites! We are a legitimage nudist singles club. Our membership is open to single heterosexual men and women.


We are Sacramento Area Nudist Singles (SANS). We are an association of naturist (nudist) single men and women, ages 18 and over, who enjoy social nudism. We are NOT....

*A front for prostitution
*An escort agency
*A Swinger's club

The most "erotic" activity we have is Non-sexual Nude Massage Parties.

You CAN bring your kids to our activities if they don't have a problem with social nudism. NONE of our activities are sexual in nature. Anyone under the age of 18 are _NOT_ allowed to attend the Non-sexual Nude Massage parties.

If some of our Members want to "swing" they can do it on their own time and place, but not at our gatherings. We are heterosexual men and women who want to meet other naturists to enjoy naturist activities.

We have no Membership dues. However, we do require the following:

1) You must be SINGLE! No guys saying, "Ah, my wife really doesn't understand this, so I want to go alone!" Sorry. No deal. You MUST be "single".

2) No Gay men or Lesbians! Most of are male Members are not comfortable with gay men, and some of the women may not be comfortable with Lesbians. You have your own "groups"; plenty of them. But not us. Form your own group if you want one. We are a heterosexual association.

3) You MUST become a member of Laguna del Sol Naturist park; located in Wilton, 20 miles southeast of Sacramento (just east of Elk Grove). This is absolutely mandatory. Laguna del Sol is the largest Naturist (nudist) landed club in California, and probably the Western U.S. Most of our activities will take place inside Laguna del Sol, so you MUST become a Member of Laguna del Sol. They have several "Membership" options; pick the one that suits you.

Laguna del Sol offers:

*Four large swimming pools (one of them indoor and one for children)
*Nude restaurant (must sit on a towel)
*Jacuzzis and sauna
*Tennis Courts
*Lake with paddle boats
*Bar and clubhouse
*Gift shop
*Volley Ball
*Weight room
*Special Events
*Motel rooms for overnight stays

Map of Laguna del Sol

Laguna del Sol
8683 Rawhide Lane
Wilton, CA
(916) 687-6550

Location of Laguna del Sol

Laguna del Sol accepts gays and lesbians too. But, SANS does not. If you are gay or lesbian, and wish to start a "GAY LESBIAN ALLIED NUDIST SINGLES" (GLANS) please do so!

You MAY bring your children (any age) to Laguna del Sol. Children are accepted, and there is a special children's pool area that is monitored by life-guards.

Our activities at Laguna del Sol will include:

*Get togethers in the pool
*Non-sexual nude massages

Our activities outside of Laguna del Sol will include:

*Non-sexual nude massage parties
*Barbaque/pool parties
*"Clothed" events such as restaurants, bowling, going to clubs, cinema, etc.

SANS is not affiliated with Laguna del Sol in any way. We use their facilities, that is all.

Nudist Companions

As always with Nudist Singles, there are more men than women. That is why we have provided for "Nudist Companions" to accompany men to Laguna del Sol, and some outside activities.

This is optional for male members. You do not HAVE to hire a Nudist Companion, but you can if you wish.

Men who wish to be accompanied to Laguna del Sol have an option of paying for a "Companion" ($100 for four hours inside Laguna del Sol). These companions offer no sexual services of any kind, but will accompany you inside Laguna del Sol, in complete nudity, for four hours for $100 cash. Do not ask them for sex or to kiss you or for a date! Break that rule one time, and you are out of SANS! Names and photos of the available "Companions" are at the bottom of this page. DO NOT ask these Companions for sexual favours, sexual services, or DATES! If a Companion wishes to date you, she will give you her number. Otherwise....DO _____NOT_____ ASK! One violation, and you are out of SANS permanently.

Non-sexual Nude Massage Parties

You "may" bring your children to any of our activities except the Non-sexual Nude Massage Parties. Nobody under the age of 18 can attend these parties.

Non-sexual Nude Massage Parties are just what they claim to be:


No drugs are alcohol are permitted. Smoking is permitted only outside.

Note: males at the Non-sexual Nude Massage parties may cover their genital area with a towel while being massaged while they are on their backs so as to avoid any potential embarassment. But genital areas are not touched. Women who do not wish to have their breasts massaged must make that clear to everyone before the massage begins. Buttocks are massaged.

The men are massaged by women only. The women may be massage by the men and/or the women.

Several "Companions" may be willing to go to a Non-sexual Nude Massage Party if they are paid for this.

If you are still interested in SANS, then you must do the following:

1) Get a membership with Laguna del Sol:

If their website is down, call them at:
(916) 687-6550

*If you can have a tour
*Membership costs
Get a tour, get a Membership (the cheapest one you can).

2) Once that is done, email us at:

Please DO NOT email us again until AFTER you have gotten a membership with Laguna del Sol. Go there on a Saturday or Sunday (sunny day) and get a tour, and a membership. Then email us and say, "Yes, I want to be a member of SANS".

If you want to hire a "Companion" please let me know who/when. You cannot hire a Companion until AFTER you have a Laguna del Sol membership.

Thank you.

Darrick Evenson


Nudist Companions are for our male Members who want to occassionally have a female companion with them when they go to Laguna del Sol. These girls are not escorts nor prostitutes (yes..REALLY! They are NOT!). They offer NO sexual services at any kind. If you wish to hire a "Companion" to accompany you to Laguna del Sol, or some other SANS activity, then send an email to Darrick; include the name of the Companion, and the date and time you would like them to accompany you. Allow one full week (at least) prior notice.

These are the protocols for Nudist Companions:

1) The men will look over the NCs and choose one, then send an email to Darrick saying, "I would like to hire so-and-so!"

2) Darrick will contact the girl and give the girl your email address. Girl will contact you by email. DO NOT ask for her phone number.

3) By email arrange to meet at the front gate of Laguna del Sol on a certain day and time. Weekends with sunny days are by far the best time to go to Laguna del Sol.

4) Meet at the front gate at the specified time and place. Immediately the man MUST give the NC $100 in cash.

5) Both of you go inside, you must also pay her way in as your "Guest for the Day". This is not expensive.

4) DO NOT ask the girl for sex. DO NOT ask for her telephone number. You already have her email. If you want to ask her for a date, do so via email, but NOT VERBALLY WHILE YOU ARE IN THE PARK!!! Do not try to kiss her. Ask her permission to hold her hand. DO NOT touch her other than her hand.

5) After four hours, she may leave. DO NOT SAY, "Can I get your number!" She will refuse. Email her later if you wish to contact her again for any reason.

Any Member who violates these protocols, will be out of SANS.

Ashley (19) 5'5" 150 (dog not included) Natural Double-Ds

Noelle (20) 5'7, 135

Alyson (47) 5'2 110

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